How the Discontinuation of R-22 Affects Homeowners

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is poised to phase out all production of R-22 refrigerant supplies by January 1, 2020. This will almost certainly result in a steep increase in costs for R-22 in the Greater Tampa Bay area. Taking steps to upgrade your air conditioning system now could prevent significant expenses in the very near future.

Prepare for Higher Prices

A report from ABC Action News indicates that R-22 prices in our area are already at about $200 per pound. These costs will only increase as supplies run short and are eventually exhausted. Scheduling an AC replacement now could be a valuable investment in cooler temperatures and reduced repair costs in the future.

Avoid the Rush

As supplies of R-22 continue to dwindle, most HVAC companies expect a major increase in the number of AC replacement requests they receive. This could result in delays in scheduling as heating and cooling companies try to keep up with increased demand for their services. Making arrangements to have your R-22 system replaced now could help you to avoid the lengthy delays expected when R-22 is completely phased out next year.

Maintain Your Current System

If you are not yet ready to replace your R-22 air conditioning system, investing in regular maintenance can lower the frequency of air conditioning repairs. It will also reduce your need for new supplies of R-22 until you can schedule a replacement for your current system. Working with a trusted and local HVAC company is the best way to manage maintenance for your aging system and to minimize your need for expensive R-22 refrigerant.

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