Winter AC Tips

With winter upon us here are a few things to remember that may save you the cost of a service call:

  • If you have not had your system serviced for winter operation, now would be a good time to schedule service and/or maintenance of your system so that you have trouble free operation during the winter.
  • Heat pump heating systems may not be able to keep your home above 68 degrees when the outdoor temperatures fall below 30 degrees.
  • Heat pump heating systems will frost up or ice up the outdoor unit during periods of cold outdoor temperatures; this is normal operation and is nothing to be concerned about. The system will periodically go into a defrost cycle and make noises that you are not used to hearing, such as a swooshing sound or a grinding sound.
  • The air coming from the supply vents of Heat Pump Systems during periods of very cold outdoor temperatures may not feel very warm on your hand but that does not mean your system is not working.
  • When the supplemental electric heat strip of your Heat Pump System comes on for the first time of the heating season you may notice a burning smell. This is most likely just dust burning off the heat strip and the smell should go away in short order. There should be no noticeable smoke associated with this smell.

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